Steve’s story

Steve's storyOn the afternoon of the 9th November 2012 I stood by the side of my beautiful daughter as her life support machine was finally turned off. Those huge hazel eyes I had spent 36 years loving suddenly opened. I was shocked and thought momentarily that Sarah was shouting at me through those eyes “what are you doing Dad?”

I needed to be alone and went outside where a tree felt the full anger, anguish and utter sadness that was seething through me. It wasn’t the tree’s fault but after the heinous roller-coaster our family had endured since Sarah was diagnosed with a chronic lung condition Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 2 years previously, the tree was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It doesn’t get much worse than that moment. And the anger is born partly from knowing that Sarah would still be alive today, her 3 children would still have a mother, her husband a wife and me a daughter, IF ONLY everyone could see how vital it is to become an organ donor.

A week later and our story would have ended so differently. A week later life saving lungs became available… That was simply a week too late.

Sarah had carried her illness with incredible bravery and stoicism, even insisting on taking part in a 5 mile walk which she took days to recover from. And her final wish. Well her final wish was to lead from the front and have her organs donated as we all should.

The night I saw Sarah’s huge Hazel eyes open for the last time her organs saved 3 lives. Maybe she was really shouting… “you know what to do Dad.”

iLIVEiGIVE are so proud of Steve Gazzard and so proud that he is part of our quest to get everyone signed on the organ donor register. He has worked tirelessly in Exmouth for 2 years to get his community to sign onto the organ donor register. In large part through his commitment Exmouth now has a bigger percentage of their population on the register than any other town in the country.

Whilst iLIVEiGIVE are proud of him, we know a lady in Heaven whose huge hazel eyes will doubtless be gushing with the most pride today.

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  1. Steve, this was the sole reason why I became a Donor – Your commitment and drive I have seen many times in our place of home, you are inspiring and your suffering as you say may never have happened, if only more of us signed up. Some of my family knew Sarah, alas I never met her but I wish you and all the family peace and I salute your efforts. RIP Sarah.

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