iLIVE iGIVE t-shirts

The iLIVE iGIVE organ donation campaign started off in 2012 and has grown rapidly in popularity since then with people eager to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. As many of you know, one of the main ways we spread our message is through our exclusive iLIVE iGIVE t-shirts and recently we have been inundated with a high number of messages from people requesting them which is fantastic – we love seeing your photos and it’s amazing to see that we’re getting our voice and campaign message heard all over the UK and even abroad.

However, we are not yet a registered charity and therefore do not receive the same financial support that an established charity would; every item of promotional material comes from a limited amount of funding we receive. We have nearly come to the last little bit of t-shirt stock we have and are still receiving orders that we aim to fulfil as quickly as we can, although please bear with us if there is a slight delay on receiving your t-shirt.

Luckily we have managed to order more t-shirts, and so that we can distribute them fairly would like to ask people to share with us the reasons why they would like a t-shirt when they request one; we love hearing your stories and are excited that so many people want to help share our message. Hopefully when we achieve charitable status we will be able to accept donations towards the t-shirts and would like to thank those that have already kindly offered to donate. These donations will help us to continue our work that will, in turn, ensure more people have a happy ending to their transplant journey.

Thank you all for your continued support and for giving iLIVE iGIVE such a strong voice – let’s hope it will be heard for a long time to come.

The iLIVE iGIVE Team

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