Erin’s Story

Erin's StoryMy daughter was diagnosed with several congenital heart conditions at nineteen weeks gestation of my pregnancy. I had detailed scans which were also passed onto Great Ormond Street for advice. I was offered a termination at twenty-four weeks as medical professionals had no hope that she would live the rest if the pregnancy.

I refused this and asked for the best treatment possible to give her a chance. With this all the way along I was told she wouldn’t make it but they would try; I even had to plan a funeral at thirty-two weeks, however, my daughter Erin Mollie Deaton was listed at my thirty-five week gestation and was the first in Europe to be listed as a foetus. Due to having pre-eclampsia and eclampsia myself, I had her by C-section at thirty-six weeks – she was a large eight pounds four ounces considering she was four weeks early.

Erin was stronger than they thought and managed two weeks on infused drugs before her first surgery; this was to keep her going until a heart was donated. She underwent lots more procedures following this one and had a tracheostomy fitted at four weeks old. Following her first operation she remained in intensive care for ninety-seven days, and during this time we amazingly got a heart when she was ten weeks of age. She suffered a mini stroke whilst in theater which was a long twenty-four hours. We finally got her home when she was seven months old. She’s now thriving and has had her tracheostomy removed and is starting to walk and talk.

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