Dave’s Story

Dave's StoryHi, my name is Dave and I have been an organ donor for some time now. The reason I became a donor is simple. Her name is Vicky Scooby (Vic Small). For those of you on this page you may have already seen her pic and read her story. We have known each other for about 25yrs now. We were a couple in 1989 as teenagers and met up again in 2009 and again were a couple for about 18 months before the 125 mile distance between us took its toll.

It was during this time together again that her story of heart failure and multiple operations and eventual need for a transplant were fully made clear to me. Once the gravitas of her situation became more and more clear to me I made the decision to become an organ donor. We are still absolutely the best of friends to this day and I still make the 125 mile trip down to Bournemouth to see her for a catch up when I can. She is the most inspirational, fun loving, happy person I know.

Even through all her hardships of her heart problems she still constantly smiles and lives life to the fullest she can. Definitely one of life’s great and inspirational people. On my latest visit this weekend she bought the iLIVEiGIVE page to my attention so I joined without hesitation. She also made me aware of the iLIVEiGIVE t-shirt she had and said it would be good for others to see me wearing this with my donor card and to read how and why I became a donor and how important it is for me and others to be one,and it may also help others make the awesome decision to also become a donor. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made and it makes me proud to know that I can help others live or have a better chance of life after my death.

I’ve also said to Vicky that she can have 1st dibs on my heart if it ever came to it – I know it doesn’t work like that but still, she’s got dibs on it ok? Not only can we pass on our organs to others, but also the t-shirts and the message too !!

Thanks for reading my story and to anybody else that is contemplating becoming an organ donor I say this…..’DO IT !’

One of the best things you can do as a human is to help others live a life they have not yet known. Thank you and please sign up!

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