And next…

The number of followers of @iliveigive is now at 1073, Facebook page likes are 693 and our weekly reach has been up to 35000 people. We’ve had nearly 2500 views of our Christmas video. We are pretty tired!

iLIVEiGIVE has reached a tipping point and we need more people to help us move forward. We have decided that we need to become a charity and this will be another thing we have to learn about. Fortunately we have acquired some funding and will use this wisely to help promote the campaign. The demand for t-shirts has been immense and we do get a bit snowed under with requests.

What is fabulous is that we feel that we are really getting people talking. There are lots of ideas simmering in our minds, but one definite is that we will be working with Faruk Choudhury, who will soon be the first Muslim Lord Mayor of Bristol, to raise awareness of organ donation in minority ethnic groups.

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