The photoshoot

What an amazing day it was. T-shirts on, leaflets available. Reception and canteen staff kitted out with iLIVEiGIVE merchandise. We had some special guests coming. Martin, who we’d “met” online who’d donated part of his liver to his son, Simon from and volunteer bikers from

Andrew was running late, but quickly set up and the photo shoot started. There were fancy dress items to wear, along with disguises for those wanting anonymity. During the day around 150 people took part and wore the iLIVEiGIVE t-shirt. Some people (well Chris and Huseyin) had many photos taken and Huseyin was definitely the funniest elf!

After the photo shoot, Andrew created the video. Maree had contacted Roger Hodgson from Supertramp to see if he would let us use the track “Give a little bit”. Amazingly, they said yes, and sent us the soundtrack. Andrew put everything together and we were live on YouTube. Unfortunately we were taken down after a few hours due to copyright infringement. Andrew quickly uploaded a silent version and Maree spent the early hours of the morning talking to Roger’s team in California. Everything was resolved, Andrew went on holiday and Maree had a lie down!

By the end of December we had reached 200 likes on Facebook and our video had been seen over 900 times.

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