Is anybody there?

An odd month. So much to do! Maree created an iLIVEiGIVE Facebook page that was hidden until September and she tried to get to grips with Twitter. A friend of hers had been rushed into hospital with renal failure and needed a transplant. Emily had been generally unwell for a few months, but no-one would have suspected renal failure of epic proportions. Knowing someone whose life had changed overnight really brought it home that any one of us could need a transplant at any time. So if that was the case, we really needed to make iLIVEiGIVE work and raise awareness about organ donation.

The arrival of the t-shirts definitely caused excitement. Everybody seemed keen to get their hands on one. Was it because they were free, or because people liked the logo, or really wanted to promote organ donation? Whatever the reason, they were popular!

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