The beginning

We all know that 3 people die every day in the UK (that’s around 1000 per year) before they receive a saving transplant. Simply put, there are not enough organs available for transplantation. We also know that families are much more likely to consent to organ donation if they know their loved one’s wishes, so to increase donor numbers we decided that we needed to get more people to start thinking about organ donation.  The “we” I’m referring to is Torbay Hospital’s proactive organ donation committee, and early in 2012 we decided to raise awareness of organ donation in the local community and to get people talking about their wishes.

To do this a staff art competition was designed to link with the Transplant Week theme “Pass it on”, but more was needed.

It was decided that we would get advice from a graphic designer to help plan our campaign. The designer we contacted was Andrew Nadolski ( We met with Andrew, and gave him our brief. We were so lucky and he really “got it” and came up with some great ideas, including the iLIVEiGIVE logo and t-shirt design.

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